Lianne Schneider


Strykersville, NY


I have a passion for the landscape of Western New York and for the sea that I am unable to express completely in my poetry alone. Now, I have converted both those loves into digital paintings in an impressionist style that express what I see with the heart more than with the eye. I added to that the metaphor of the spiritual journey in my Sea Stories paintings - a visual metaphor for our personal quest for character, courage and truth. Contemporary, yet timeless, my digital paintings are modern realism but with homage to the classic works. In addition to my current art work, I have two self-published volumes of poetry, "Songs of the Heart's Longing" from Blurb publishing and "Ecclesiastes for Sixty: Seasons in Solitude" from Xlibris. Both volumes contain my own original art and photography to accompany my contemporary style poetry.

My work has won a number of awards and contests including Light, Space and Time's Seascape competition for digital art, is on display at Trillium Gallery in Saugerties, NY and is currently appearing in Issue 4 of Trillium Gallery Magazine and Woven Tale Press online magazine.

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